Our Face Painting and Balloon Twisting Jams are the first Monday of each month.
Time: 6pm-8pm
Cost: FREE
Everyone is invited to both jams!

To attend our Jams you must be twisting balloons or face painting for income.  A business card will be required to attend.  Jams are not beginner balloon twisting classes.  You must be able to twist simple creations.

When you attend a seminar or workshop, do you find yourself:

  • Way ahead of the class (bored) or way behind (struggling to stay afloat)?
  • Wishing you could just spend your time wading in and struggling with projects, getting help if you need it?
  • Wondering if there isn’t a better way to learn?

A jam is a  workshop, where you can:

  • Have space and time to focus on learning.
  • Decide whether you want to work on your own projects or help someone new.
  • Work alone or in a group.
  • Get guidance from an instructor, as needed.

When musicians have a jam, they get together and explore music without knowing exactly where they will end up. When programmers have a jam, they get together and explore new technologies in the same way. A programming jam is an informal workshop to explore and learn about a particular technology. It’s better and more fun than struggling with it by yourself.

When Entertainers JAM – it’s a Blast!  Bring a small kit, or haul in your suite cases of paint and balloons in with you.  Find out how to use products, that you thought were really cool, until they showed up in the mail.  Trade products you don’t like for products from other Artists. Don’t be shy, sometimes it take 10 minutes for the Jam to get moving… that’s what the Pot Luck is for.  Each time you come to a JAM you will meet a new person and without realizing it, you are networking.  Bring your cards.  Pass them out.  Watch people and decide who paints really well, who has the personality that you could paint with all day long.  Next time you have a job and need an extra Artist, maybe you can choose one of your new friends.  If you have a friend that can let us paint her face, arms, back etc…. bring her along.

The JAMS are full and a Blast! The Face Painting JAMS will always be on the first Thursday of each month. The Balloon Twisting JAM will always be on the Third Wednesday of each month.

JAMS are always free. If you have time, bring a SMALL plate to add to our POT LUCK dinner.

Note – we had to split the JAMS because balloon twisting is too loud, and the balloons were all over the shop and in our paint!

Also, we have an extensive line of professional balloons, face & body makeup and other art supplies – see our online store!

Because the Jams are free, it would be appreciated if you could donate something towards the expenses of the Studio. Not money, but…

  • A couple rolls of toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Old paint brushes
  • Art books for the library
  • An old apron you no longer use
  • Water color paper (works best with face paint practice)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Paper Plates
  • Plastic cups
  • Plastic forks
  • Old coffee cups to wash brushes in
  • Old practice heads, even if they are stained

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