Meet Some of our Local Artists

Carolyn Hadin Owner of Balloon Creations By Carolyn and Just For Fun ArtCarolyn Hadin

My Mother was an artist and I didn’t know it. I remember going to stores to find giant empty boxes to turn into play stoves, refrigerators and other fun things. We painted murals on the walls of my bedroom and I can walk through Michaels or Hobby Lobby and remember doing every type of art with her. Most of my family members have their own small business. My Mother had a ceramic business and I earned a nickel for each piece of greenware I cleaned everyday after school. My husband and I open a balloon decorating business 25 years ago as our sole income. One day I saw someone face painting and soon after I was painting faces too. Next came jams with other face painters, then selling the professional make up, then teaching beginner face painting, henna, balloon twisting and glitter art classes. My friend Eva had her birthday party at a social painting event. We loved it! So when our balloon business needed more space, we moved to a larger shop which had a large studio. With Eva’s help I started our own paint parties. Our balloon business has always paid the bills, and because art is relaxing and fun, I named the new business “Just For Fun Art”. Myself and other local artist teach mostly acrylic painting, but I enjoy mixed media more. I am constantly coming up with new mixed media art that can be taught and completed in two hours for our classes. I never seem to completely master any art medium before I’m bored and trying something new. Today I created a beach scene using tile grout. When I look around the studio and see all the different types of art my daughters, Eva and I have on display, I realize I’m an artist too, and I didn’t know it.

Satty Rai

Satty Rai

I am a self-taught artist and I like to believe that art was in my genes, with my grandfather being the state artist and my mom a fine arts teacher. I used to draw, sketch and paint as a hobby as far as I remember into my childhood, however, recently, after some medical issues, I decided to dabble with the color again. Although I work full time, am a mom of three, I still like to pamper my passion, pick a brush and pour my heart on the canvas.

Jenn YoungJennifer Erin Young

Coming from a very artistic family, it’s not a surprise that Art has become a passion and large part of her life. From the day she was able to hold a pencil, she has been drawing or writing on anything imaginable. Though primarily self-taught, Jennifer has had formal training as well with the International Institute of Art, Yuba College, Dick Smith School of Special Effects. She was also recently certified as a MakeUp Artist through IAP Career Colleges.

Her artistic choices cross a full-spectrum of mediums and styles; from illustration, to Fine Art-Paintings and Sculpture, to FX Make-Up and Design; encompassing Acrylic, Pen&Ink, Digital Media, Textile mediums, Sculpture and more.

Member of Yuba-Sutter Regional Arts Council, VOX Sacramento, A Singluar Creation Art Forum & Galleries, and Art-O-Culture Gallery; with the recent collaborative work with Alchemy FX Studios and Just for Fun Art, both of Sacramento, Ca.; her accomplishments over the years have encompassed; publication in Youth Easter Seals, various Awards in County Fairs, Published works for White Wolf: Camarilla Quarterly regional publications, Display and sales in various Northern California Gallery shows, Yuba-Sutter Unified School District’s Mural, Film Pre and Post-Production Designs as well as Production make-up and FX Work. In 2013 her work had been accepted with the Art House Coop-Art Library in Brooklyn, NY.

Jennifer enjoys creating various solo art pieces, experimenting with different techniques and mediums. She also enjoys commissioned work, artist live events, and the ongoing relationship designing annual themed Promotional art for National Award winning Author – Christine Feehan


Lisa Perdichizzi

Geek Translator, artist extraordinaire

Lisa’s philosophy is “If you can write your name you can create art”.  Drawing since before she was born, Lisa’s experience includes creating art for Street Fighter 2 to saving PeopleSoft from their own Java interface.  Lisa holds a B.A. in General Design and is adept at creating new realities in technical illustration, painting, sculpting, model making, cartoons, face painting, balloon art, airbrush, story and much more. If that isn’t enough Lisa also creates “user experiences” for consumer products and video games translating the geek between “what is and what can be” for over 20 years. With humor and insight, Lisa will inspire you to crawl out from under your rock and stand in the sun. Lisa lives locally in paradise with her family and chickens.

Adrian Liwanag

Adrian Liwanag

Multi Discipline Artist works with Paintings, Sculptures and Illustration. One of his achievements is a mural for the Bernie Sander’s Presidential Campaign (viewable here). Adrian was the Founder and President of The Art Club at Portland Community College. Adrian is a Ceramicist and Master Kiln builder. His illustrations have been published in Literary Journals. You can follow him on Instagram: @1bum

Nikki Sherman

Nikki Sherman