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Artist and Crafters Needed

We have moved into a new 5,000 square foot studio, and we're looking for more instructors.  

We are currently using Eventbrite and can advertise the classes for you, or you can handle that alone.  We keep 30% of the price you charge for the rent and utilities.

We provide insurance, easels, aprons, internet, and plenty of space for your classes.  

We also have a smaller studio just for Artist that want to share a communal space with separate lockers to store supplies.  The public will not have access to this studio.  There will be a monthly rent charge to use this space, and we have only 4 spots left. Artist can also use the large studio for classes and private events.  

We will have a quarterly open house for the Artist to sell their art to the public, as well as wall space to display art for sale on commission.  

We are located at 3995 N. Freeway Blvd.  

We have outstanding exposure on Hwy 80 between the Truxel and Northgate (by Fry's) exits.  

Just For Fun Art started as a private "Sip and Paint" studio eleven years ago.  We expanded to weekday classes during the day and in the evening for all mediums and Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for private parties.  

We do not sell art supplies.

If you are interested in teaching a class or renting studio space, please email your information to I would like to know about you, your background, and your goals.  Also, please let me know...

* Your Art medium
* The time of day you are most creative and would want access to studio space.
* What type of lighting do you require
* Ventilation needed?
* Do you prefer silence, alone time to create, or can other Artist be present?
* Do you view other artists as inspiration or competition?
* How many projects to you tend to have in the process of completion at the same time?
*.How much storage do you foresee needing?  Are you open to the honor system, or prefer lock and key?  Do you have a storage cabinet that locks?  What size?

Our goal is a creative and sharing space for Artist to work, teach, and earn income in various mediums of art.  We will be a transparent supportive team operated as a one for all, all for one, for a successful venture.  

We are really excited and hope you can join us.  My cell is 916-439-7256.  

Carolyn Hadin
Just For Fun Art