Children's Parties
Private Parties For Children


Children's art and paint parties are for children ages 10 and up ( a few children can be younger, but the average age must be Ages 10 and up). You will have use of the Studio for a total of two hours while your child and guests will be guided step by step through an acrylic painting or craft of your child's choice. Each guest will take home their very own masterpiece. Choose any picture from our gallery indicated for children. Birthday Cakes and small finger snacks are allowed.


If more than 5 adults and/or a meal are served, we charge $50 for the third hour and $100 for each additional hour.  We can not guarantee enough space if there is another event in the Studio.


All trash containing food must be removed after your event. We will clean up and dispose of the rest of the garbage.


 After we receive your deposit, we will send you a link to our dropbox to choose a painting or craft for your event.


We have a $50 fee if you would like us to design a picture using your theme.


All materials included.


Doors will be open at least 30 minutes in advance of the official start-time, so that you and your guests may arrive and settle in before painting begins. If there is not another event before your party, you can have access earlier.


There is an additional fee of $25 if the instructor must hold up the entire class for more than 30 minutes due to the late arrival of guests. 


The number of guests must be guaranteed three days before your event. You are responsible for paying for the guaranteed number of people even if some do not don't show up.


Only blue painters tape may be used to hang small items on the wall. Please do not touch Art displayed on walls.


PLEASE do not serve snack food with sugar to the children until after we finish painting.


Our Studio and bathrooms are handicap accessible.


No smoking is allowed inside. 


We do not accept discounts or coupons for paint parties.


Text 916-439-7256 with any questions.  Or use Chat.

Acrylic Canvas  Painting 

After you reserve your date with a deposit, we will send you a link to our dropbox to choose from many different acrylic paintings organized by age.  We usually paint the background and take a break for pizza or snacks while it dries. After we finish the painting it's time for cake!

 $27 per child

Children's Ceramic Party

Ceramics- Choose between an

assortment of pre-fired ceramics. We will use acrylic paint and a clear coat sealant.  We have an assortment of embellishments like jewels and ribbons.  


Slime Party

Kids love this party! Each child will make from scratch two types of slime to take home.    

$20 per person. This is an outdoor party in good weather.

Exploding Eggs

Kids will fill empty eggshells with different colors of paint.  Then we take the eggs outside and throw them on canvases making unique Art to display.  

This is a fun and quick activity, so there's time for some party games.  We can help you with that too. $27 per person

Mad Hatter Tea Party
Participants will be doing two art projects, playing games and taking home a memorable keepsake from the party. Includes a classic Tea party with tea sandwiches, pastries, and decaffeinated tea..
Alice will stay and play for the entire party $35 per person

Our Black Light parties are a blast!  Included are glow in the dark party favors and balloons centerpieces.  We paint with neon paint under black-lighting.  We keep the kids busy with art and games for two hours. They leave with the party gift they painted, and you go home to a clean house. This party needs to start in the evening because we have 16' tall windows—$ 35 per person.


You are welcome to hire a DJ and bring in glow in the dark goodies.

Succulent Fairy Or Dinosaur Gardens


If you’re looking for something unique, consider creating a fairy garden.

Fairy gardens are quickly becoming famous for succulent lovers. These miniature container gardens are tiny, whimsical wonderlands. 

All materials are included — choice of an assortment of containers, three succulent plants, tiny fairies, colored sand and rocks and other accents.

$35 per child

Face Painting

$5 per child. We will pull one child at a time from the activities. All our Artists and Entertainers are licensed and insured.  We think it’s important for you to know we have the credentials to work anywhere from school campuses to your home.

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos

$5 per child. Choose between hundreds of tattoo stencils. These waterproof tattoos last for weeks.

Glitter tattoos are a great option for summer months or water parties because Glitter Tattoos are waterproof!

Glitter Eyes.

$1.50 per child. We apply a beautiful cosmetic glitter balm to the side of each eye. The little girls (and their moms) love Glitter Eyes. No charge for parties of 10 or more.



A small floral henna design on hand or foot. $7 per Person. Remember to bring flip flops.

Photo Booth


Includes unlimited printed photos.

Birthday Balloon Bouquet. 


Six large beachballs sized balloons. Some of the solid color and some filled with little balloons inside. Then we add long corkscrewed latex balloons as accents and a mylar Birthday balloon. $45

    25 Loose latex balloons. $25

    50 Loose latex balloons $50

Go to our sister site for more choices.  Balloon Creations By Carolyn

Serving Package.

Include Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Napkins, Plastic Utensils, Cake Knife, Plastic Serving Spoon, Birthday Candles

$1.50 per person.

Serving Package.

Include Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Napkins, Plastic Utensils, Cake Knife, Plastic Serving Spoon, Birthday Candles

$1.50 per person.