Face Painting

All our Artists and Entertainers are licensed and insured.  We think it’s important for you to know we have the credentials to work anywhere from school campuses to your home.  


Our Entertainers will arrive on time with a smile, well groomed and dressed appropriately.  


Face Painting Kits will be clean and organized. 


Our Artists train for a minimum of one year before they’re allowed to perform at any event solo.


We send out evaluations after each event and receive only compliments.

While there are exceptions that are out of our control, our Entertainers will arrive 15 minutes before your contracted start time.


Our face painting artist use only professional cosmetic paints are safe for skin.  All face paints are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations and are non-toxic. Face paints are water-based. Please note that black requires a little extra attention. Baby oil or children tear-free shampoo work great at removing all our colors.


We will only paint children who are old enough to understand what we are doing and are willing to participate.  We do not paint children under the age of 3 years.  We do not paint children who will not hold still or appear scared. All children must be able to sit in the chair alone.  Older children that can not sit still can have their hands or arm painted.  For sanitary reasons, we can not paint anyone who is, or appears to be, sick (a runny nose, cough, etc.) or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, rashes, infectious skin conditions, severe acne or open wounds. We will not paint children that are coughing or sneezing, have runny noses or eyes. 


Please provide one table and two chairs, and shade per artist.  We charge $50 if we need to bring our shade tent.