It's A Boy!- Rental

It's A Boy!- Rental

DIY Yard Signs!


Celebrate your special day or event for the whole neighborhood to see!


Each collection includes all the pieces in the picture, including the accents like stars and balloons. 


We can set up and return three days later to pick up your display for a fee, or you can pick them up and install them yourself.


Instructions: Gently slide the stakes into soft and sturdy soil in your yard. If it doesn't go into the yard smoothly, try a softer area where less force is needed. Push the stakes, not the card itself


Start with the center letter; for example, "I" would be one of the middle letters in "Happy Birthday!" when you count spaces and exclamation sign.


Do not stress over each sign being perfectly even; have fun! We even suggest you plant them whimsically, so the placement looks planned.


All letters are 18" - 30"" tall. They are custom corrugated plastic signs.


These are not toys; an adult should gently handle them. Letters are not fire, wind, or moisture resistant.


Add name or age are $7 per letter/number. 


A $50 deposit