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The Artist Studio

"The Artist Studio" seats up to 65 people for painting events or sit-down meals.  We use this studio for "Second Saturday In Natomas" as an art gallery for local artists from the Natomas area, which changes each month, so we do not allow anything attached to the walls.  

The Color Splash Studio

"The Color Splash Studio" seats up to 30 people and leaves plenty of room for extra tables for food, cake, presents, and social space.  Because of the new paint and the mural on the wall, we do not allow anything attached to the walls in this studio.  The walls are painted in geometric designs in four bright colors, and the ceiling is filled with colorful mylar balloon starbursts and metallic streamers in assorted colors, so there is no need for decorations as the room is an explosion of festive color, ready for your event.  (It is being painted the week of August 13, 2023, so it will be freshly painted by the end of that week.  We will add new photos when it is finished)

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