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Art Enrichment Classes

Education. Exploration. Satisfaction.

Arts & Craft Classes.

Our Homeschool program is open to public school children also.

We offer field trips and off site art classes too!














We founded "Just For Fun Art" with one goal in mind: giving our

students the best, most rewarding learning experience.


Homeschoolers use the vouchers they receive from their school district. 

We have classes for age 5 and up. Call to discuss younger mature students.





About the Classes and Events

Teens love Art, and doing Art makes them brighter, stronger, and happier. We offer fun art classes by using a wide variety of materials and tools. Our class size is small, so each student receives special attention. We use Common Core Standards as inspiration for the classes we teach. Besides painting, we also teach drawing, print, collage, paint pouring, succulent terrariums, art journaling, mixed media, Art created with recycled materials, and much more. It is typical for projects to be in different stages of completion at the end of classes. Sometimes we might be working on two projects at the same time. So kids may not go home with a completed project after each class. Homeschoolers use the vouchers they receive from the school.

Classes last 60-90 minutes.

Check our Events Calendar for all our Children's Classes dates and times. Please note,We accept homeschool vouchers. If you are using a home school voucher, use code HSV at checkout, and the price will be zero. Bring your voucher information when you arrive.














Starting in September, we will also add early afternoon classes. Your student may sign up one or two days per week. We also have a fantastic Artists teaching drawing and watercolor.


Part of being a student at our facility is our students are encouraged to attend the following events each month with a parent at  NO CHARGE. However we are not responsible for chaperoning the kids, this is not a school function.


Second Saturday In Natomas

Join us for an artists' reception and art show on the second Saturday of every month from 6 pm-8 pm. Featuring numerous original works by multiple artists residing in Natomas and the greater Sacramento area, new monthly shows include 2D and 3D works of various mediums. The show opens on the second Saturday and will be available for viewing during regular business hours through the end of the month. For artists looking to participate in future Second Saturday in Natomas art shows, contact Felicia Borges at:


Open Studio

In addition to scheduled classes, students can stop by anytime during office hours to pick a pre-sketched or a blank canvas and paint with acrylics at no charge once per month. Kids may be dropped off for 2 hours between 10-3pm


"Art By Mistake"

Art By Mistake is open studio time when many mediums are out for art experiments. This is a meetup group for one early evening per month; it is NOT a class. Teens 13 and older can be dropped off for two hours. There will be adults in the meetup group.



About Us

We are currently approved vendors for homeschool enrichment classes and summer camps and accept vouchers from Visions In Education, Sequoia Grove Charter Alliance, Feather River, Winship, Clarksville, Lake View, and more.

Just For Fun Art is located in North/ Natomas area of Sacramento. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals. Join us today!


3995 N Freeway Blvd Sacramento CA 95834

(916) 468-2706

Parents, please let us teach the class and allow the child to create their work of Art without suggestions of colors and techniques. You are welcome to purchase a ticket and join your child's class. Children 12 years and older may be dropped off if you're sure they will not disrupt the class. Only you know your child's attention span and love of Art.


If a child's behavior becomes highly disruptive, we reserve the right to withdraw the student from the session. Snacks are ok but please, no sugar before or during class. We offer bottled ice water.

(We have a new special needs instructor starting soon, so look for information on the calendar.)

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