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Kids visiting Just For Fun Art from a local school on a field trip doing different types of art.  A collage

School Field Trips

Prices are for groups of 25 or more from a
Private or Public School ONLY 

There is an additional charge for travel for all off-site events.

School Arts & Craft Classes Grades K-12.

We founded Just For Fun Art to give our students the most rewarding learning experience. Students will learn and understand the essential elements of art and design principles. 


Our studio is located at 3995 N Freeway Blvd Sacramento, CA 95834

Our facility seats up to 65 students and is entirely handicap accessible. We have plenty of parking for buses and all parents attending. Our events include three hours of studio time and a 30-minute break for games, music, or dance. You are welcome to bring lunch or snacks. We provide bottled water if requested in advance. At the end of your event, we always make cotton candy with the kids.














We bring everything except the tables and chairs.  We even cover the tables and bring aprons too!  We have a minimal travel fee. ( no cotton candy ) 


Grades K-12
Children enjoy age-appropriate arts and crafts, which you can choose from the list below. If you need more ideas, let us know. We use high-quality, unique craft projects. There will be no cutting of paper plates in our art options!

Below are options with pricing to choose from.


Blank canvas Acrylic Painting-  Starting from a blank 16 x 20” canvas this is a  step-by-step class (similar to a traditional “paint night”) $25


Pre-Sketched Acrylic Painting- For those who prefer a more self-guided approach, we can provide a variety of 16 x 20” pre-sketched canvases. This allows each child to express their creativity while feeling supported in their artistic journey. $25


Ceramics—We also offer ceramics, Pre-fired Bisque that they can paint with acrylic paint. At the end of this class we must go outside to spray seal them and leave them to dry for 30 minutes. This would bypass the need for a second glazing process and a second kiln firing. However, they could not choose anything food-safe, such as a coffee mug. $30


Paint Pouring—Pouring paint is an acrylic-based paint mixed with a pouring medium. The medium thickens the paint's consistency, making it suitable for pouring. The colors melt together by pouring or tipping the paint onto a surface to create stunning marble and drip-like effects. Please note this is a messy project for off-site events.  Students will make two art pieces  $35


Faux succulent terrariums- (tiny gardens)-  Real succulents could be used, but that would significantly increase the price and require potting soil. The faux succulents look real, save money, and are more manageable to assemble. We bring small accent pieces for them to add, like colored sand, rocks, sea shells, fairies, little beach items, etc., and even tiny dinosaurs. These are so much fun. We set up a little buffet of accents for them to choose from and let them use their imagination. $35














Art Journalling- If we go to the same locations, we could do some art journalling, a deeply therapeutic and enjoyable activity. They can continue to work on them after we leave, as we leave behind small sets of goodies for them to use, like stickers, stencils, colored pencils, etc. This keeps them engaged and creative even after our session ends. It's a wonderful group activity that fosters a sense of community and self-expression.  Includes Journal, Art pens, stencils, stickers, design and card stock papers, scissors, glue stick, watercolor paint set, brushes, carbon paper, and more $50 


Zentangle-  The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We call these patterns tangles. They create tangles with combinations of dots, lines, simple curves, S-curves, and orbs. These simple shapes are the "Elemental Strokes" in all Zentangle art.  This art form is easy to learn and relaxing.  Sometimes called Yoga for the mind. We include a pen and paper and a printout of many designs for inspiration after we leave.  Includes card stock paper, a special pen, and pattern printouts $25


Birdhouse- We bring an assortment of wood birdhouses, acrylic paint, and some decorative items like silk flowers and old costume jewelry for creative accents. $30


Paint Brush People- Starting with paint brushes, we paint and add whimsical accents.  These are adorable. $30

Rock Painting—We can bring lots of cute, simple, pre-sketched designs and/or blank rocks for them to paint. They can take them home, or the staff can hide around the school for them to look for particular rocks. This can encourage them to get outside to exercise or participate in group activities. Three per child. $25



About Us

Our studio is located at 3995 N Freeway Blvd Sacramento CA 95834 (916) 468-2706

Owner- Carolyn Hadin- cell (916) 439-7256

All people on the premises have had a background check, life-scan, and fingerprint filed with the D.O.J.

We have one instructor per 25 children for all your events.


A minimum of two teachers must be present for all events.


A $100 deposit is due to hold your event date.

The final guaranteed head count and payment are

scheduled three days before your event



People putting together tiny succulent gardens at a party at Just For Fun Art in Sacramento CA
Little paint brushes painted to look like people at Just For Fun Art in Sacramento CA
Rock Painting at Just For Fun Art in Sacramento CA
Children painting at Just For Fun Art in Sacramento CA
Inside the studio at Just For Fun Art in Sacramento CA
Two kids showing their finished ceramics at Just For Fun Art in Sacramento CA
Picture of Zentangle at Just For Fun Art in Sacramento CA
Picture of Zentangle art at Just For Fun Art in Sacramento CA

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