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Creative & Fine Arts Summer Camp

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Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to discover the joy and creativity in your life, you're in the right place. Explore our website, and remember, there's always a canvas waiting for you.

June 17 - 21

July 1 - 5  (camp will be open on the 4th)

July 15 - 19

Summer Art Camps

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A one-week day camp at the Just for Fun Art Studio for children ages 8-13.


This week-long creative adventure will feature structured creative art activities, an open studio, and free play time to allow children to maximize their creative potential. Activities will focus on art principles such as painting, mixed media, sculpture, collage, journalling, paint pouring, drawing, acrylic, watercolor, recycled material art, drawing, Zentangle, and more. There are no cutting paper plates or gluing scraps of paper to it here; we use high-quality arts and crafts media, and boy, does it get messy! We're sure your child will find something that fits their interest and leave excited to return the following day!

"We have an absolute blast! Every day, we work on one entire art project. There are also art stations of different mediums around the studio for everyone during their free time. We go outside for breaks, color 6-foot outlined murals on the parking lot with colored chalk, and play team-building games. We also have "box city," the kids LOVE. They can create anything with giant boxes and props like fabric and recycled materials. It could turn into a giant castle, car wash or…. who knows. The parents make a straight path for Box City every afternoon!

Lunch is set for only the amount of tables needed so that everyone is forced to sit together. Anyone shy is a good friend of all by day two. We do not allow any bullying at all.  This camp is a nonjudgemental creative space. It is calming and healing. Children with mild autism should give it a go. No electronics, video games, or playing on phones are allowed; your children will be unplugged for an entire week!  Our whole building is wheelchair accessible; however, any children with a disability such as diabetes need to be able to monitor themselves. Only you know the maturity of your child. Call us to discuss your child if they are outside our posted age group. This year, we added ceramics and a bead station for making jewelry. We will also be creating a weeklong art journal to commemorate summer camp. Anyone attending one week of summer camp will get 25% off the second week of camp."


Summer Camp opens at 10 am and closes at 3 pm. Monday - Friday

There are no refunds ten days before the camp start date. 

If you have a problem checking out, (text only) 916-439-7256

We are looking for really BIG boxes; a refrigerator or sofas would come in for camp art projects.

We provide aprons; however, send your children in clothes you don't mind getting messy.

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