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Services and items we would like to barter. 

Our Needs 

Partial vehicle wrap for a delivery van. 


HVAC tune-up and maintenance


Art drying rack


Screen Printing our logo on 100 polyester aprons


Commercial Carpet Cleaner


Tables 6'-8' long folding tables


Helium or Nitrogen 50 Cubic foot tanks/cylinders


50-gallon steel drum


Arts and craft instructor


LED backlit channel sign for the front of the building


Art supplies, primarily acrylic paint

Our Haves

$3,000 Inventory of card my yard type- Lawn Greetings.  All new. Complete alphabet and many occasion sets.

Two 5' mixed pine/ Colorado spruce professional Christmas wreaths.

25- 16"x20" canvases lovingly used, (unfinished art)

2005 Ford E250 Econoline 15 passenger van. $6,000

Venue rental space for parties 12-75 people

BTW We are not going out of business.  We just have a lot of stuff to get rid of that has value.

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