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Open Studio

About Open Studio







Monday 10 am- 7 pm, 

Tuesday- Friday, 10 am- 5 pm, 

Saturdays, 10 am- 2 pm, and 

Sunday 12 pm- 5 pm, 

Closed for some holidays. Call to confirm. 


Choose from over 25 different pre-sketched canvases. Stay as long as you want at our Studio and use our paint, brushes, easel, apron, and paint DIY style with some help. You are welcome to bring food and beverages with you. Bring a Friend! Buy tickets here.


We occasionally have wood cutouts to paint or stencil and other fun craft kits. You can also stop by anytime to pick up a pre-sketched 16 x 20" canvas to paint at home. 


You must arrive one hour before closing; this gives you enough time to finish painting. We start to clean up 30 minutes before closing. We also have late-night open studios on special occasions.


The Walk-in Open Studio is open to the public, so you will be seated with others. We are a family-oriented business. Tweens and teens are always welcome.

If you have younger children, please be sure others can enjoy themselves. We have the best toy box in Sacramento and a paper art table upon request.


We also have a smaller studio that seats up to 25, sometimes available. It's at the owner's discretion to use it for a private special occasion separate from the public if not already booked.


PLEASE NOTE- We appreciate you purchasing tickets online; however, you can walk in anytime and pay when you arrive, EXCEPT for "LATE NIGHT OPEN STUDIO" and "SUNDAY OPEN STUDIO." Buy your tickets here


On "Late Night Open Studio," We check ticket sales at 5 pm, and if there is no one in the Studio, we will close early. Purchase tickets here.


We have both our family businesses in the same building. Our sister company is Balloon Creations By Carolyn. Sometimes, exceptionally very, very seldom, we may be short-staffed and have to make a delivery of balloons. We leave a note on the window so you can call and see how long it takes until we return. We hope you will wait. Suppose you are driving a long way and want to confirm we are here; text 916-439-7256 or 916-439-7257. Otherwise, just come on at any time. We clean up after you. If we are not available when you leave, please leave your brushes soaking in your water cup.


If you are an Artist and need space to work on your art and have your supplies, we charge $20 for however much time you need daily. If you need to use the warehouse for airbrush, please call to discuss ahead at 916-439-7256. You must clean up your space.  We also have studio space for rent.

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Pictures of open studio examples of canvases
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