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Lawn Greeting Celebrations

We thought lawn greetings would be a fun side addition to our business. Boy, were we wrong! It's a lot harder than we thought. First, we must arrive before dawn and set up for the surprise, then return a few days later to pick everything up. We would ask that the lawn be watered the day before, but the customer would usually forget. Often we would arrive to find lava rock lawns, deep inclined yards, or teenie tiny lawns that didn't have enough space for the signage. We invested a lot of money. (If you're interested in buying a great side business, we have one for you! Lol). Anyway, we started renting the sets DYI, and our customers love it. A deposit is held for the value of the signs. However, the rental fee is very reasonable. You can keep the signage for three days. You will remember to water your lawn, and if you have a lava rock lawn, you get to learn the lesson! lol

To reserve your date please email us or call.
We will confirm quickly. You can also call us at 916-468-2706

Celebrate your special day or event for the whole neighborhood to see!


Each collection includes all the pieces in the picture, including the accents like stars and balloons. 


We no longer set up lawn greetings. We have lowered the rental price for DYI. There is a $200 refundable deposit.


Instructions: Gently slide the stakes into soft and sturdy soil in your yard. If it doesn't go into the yard smoothly, try a softer area where less force is needed. Push the stakes, not the card itself


Start with the center letter; for example, "I" would be one of the middle letters in "Happy Birthday!" when you count spaces and exclamation sign.


Do not stress over each sign being perfectly even; have fun! We even suggest you plant them whimsically so the placement looks planned.


All letters are 18" - 30"" tall. They are custom corrugated plastic signs.


These are not toys; an adult should gently handle them. Letters are not fire, wind, or moisture resistant.


Add name or age are $7 per letter/number. We need a three-weekday notice for customization.


$200 deposit required.

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